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My mother and I had both prepared a detailed list of questions we intended to ask or have our defense attorney Robert Jones, of Carlson and Jones, ask on our behalf... these questions would have exposed the brutal culpable police entirely, yet these questions were kept censored- my mother and I were threatened into silence before a tribunal with CIA NSA FBI...on the jury pool and a charged X-U.S. Marine Judge Doty, presiding as judge...Our only voice was defense attorney Robert Jones-yet he would also keep these questions secretive and unvoiced-Our defense attorney was working for the prosecution....
Robert failed to ask the (notoriously bigoted) MN Police (having recently appeared in the news for yet another racially motivated attack ending in a death) any of the revealing questions we had instructed him to ask of the perjuring police by wrote design.

A: Was the taser passed from the back or did theofficer at the front have a taser?This question would have revealed the lie in officer Hoerdt’s report about having ‘drawn his x-26 taser’ and drive stunned me. Any witness would have seen that the taser was passed from the back of the 4 man line up in front of me and passed up to the officer positioned directly in front of me, who tased me. Officers would have a very difficult time refuting this when challenged by contradictory witness testimony over this question at trial.

Did Robert Jones ask this question of officers or of the witnesses as we had instructed him? No, of course not- that would have lended itself to exonerating me and discrediting the officers and it was defense attorney Robert Jones hidden agenda to sabotage us and ensure a conviction on behalf of the prosecution!

B: Was there any dialogue from the officers to the effect of telling me to put my hands behind myback on several occasions? This question was designed to leave opportunity for witnesses to independently discredit the officers in cross exam. Officers had claimed that they had warned me to cooperate and claimed to have instructed me to put my hands behind my back on several occasions, when in fact, there had been no warning and no instruction to comply baring consequence- there had simply been an unprovoked attack on the merit of a legitimate question asked, leaving me bloody and beaten on the ground, while officers continued to tase me (50000volts!) as I lay there motionless. Did Robert Jones ask them if there had been any dialogue as we had requested? Of course not!! Part of the Officers’ defense to criminal culpability is the fact that they claim I was not cooperating with their instructions and warnings. There were no instructions to submit to handcuffing nor were there any warnings. Robert Jones would certainly have avoided any line of questioning that might have revealed this fact…*

My mother also had some very poignant questions that were given to Robert Jones in written format (no excuses here!) instructing him in the line of questioning to be used on the officers. Yet again, he touched on absolutely none of these questions, some of which I list here in the following:

The Following Is an Excerpt From A Legal Document My Mother Submitted To Defense Attorney Robert Jones, Instructing Him to Grill Officers On Stand with the Poignant Questions Detailed Herein: (Robert was delinquent in asking them any of these questions-by premeditated design…)

*“I want you to ask them why they decided to refuse my request for the names of all the officers who were on board the plane? What did they have to hide?

*I want you to ask why I was only given four badge numbers, when I knew that there had to have been at least one more. I knew there were more than four officers on board the plane. When I asked for more badge numbers why was I lied to and told there were only four officers?

*I want you to ask why I wasn’t given Sergeant Cooper’s badge number in the airport, when I enquired about being given more badge numbers.

*I want you to ask all the officers who didn’t mention Cooper in their statements why they didn’t include him. They didn’t even list his name as one of the names at the top of the statement page (neither did Sweigart, but he put Cooper in the body of his statement) This is a good question, because I’m pretty sure they haven’t colluded on a pat answer for this one, because I’m pretty sure they’re not expecting to be asked.…

*‘I want you to ask all the other officers, … if it isn’t normally proper procedure for every officer involved in any given situation,to provide a statement…then ask them how it would be possible for Cooper to neglect to submit such a statement.

This puts the question in the minds of the jury, no matter what the answer given is.

***I want you to ask each of them why they attempted to keep me confined to the plane, with no legal justification to do so…say to them “isn’t it true that you didn’t want Ms. James to get off the airliner because you had just assaulted her son without justification for having done so, and you didn’t want to have to face up to that?!” (This was exactly the case!)

**I want you to ask each officer to admit that he didn’t actually see Aaron head-butt anyone. There is one officer (Hoerdt) who has this elaborate slow motion diagram which…does not match anyone else’s statement as to what they claim occurred…this is another example of the fact that he (Hoerdt) wasn’t really there at all, (at row 8) and really doesn’t have a clue what went on after he tripped, (this is how his head injury really happened) and then left to get medical treatment”

**I want you to come right out and ask Hoerdt if in fact it isn’t true that he actually stood closer to the front of the plane rather than row 8, and that he actually injured himself when he tripped, and that he left the plane after that and had not actually been close to Aaron at any point in time before he did leave the aircraft!”

***Next you ask him why he claims to have drawn his x-26 taser, when the person who actually tased Aaron didn’t have a taser and was heard to call out for one to be passed to him!!”‘The bare fact that the police are lying all over the place is an honest admission on their part that they are guilty and need to cover things up”

... these were some of the questions that we had carefully detailed and instructed Robert Jones to grill the police on at the time. We knew their lies could not stand up against this kind of close and measured scrutiny- but then so did Robert Jones- and that was the last thing he wanted!!! ***Did Robert Jones ask the police any of these revealing questions in order to expose their lies? Absolutely not! There was a conflict of interest, you see- our ‘defense’ attorney wanted a conviction…

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